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Years ago, I was watching the movie Swing Kids, a film about swing dancing and youth rebellion, set during the slow and intentional synthesis of Naziism into the German culture at large. As I watched the film, I thought, “how could a dangerous idea like that ever take root in our culture today?” A culture now deeply entrenched in broadcast mediums and personal and socially expansive technologies. At that time, I consoled myself that any idea attempting to steal freedom and force mainstream compliance could be easily recognized by a “connected” society.

There is an adage by George Santayana that…

Many Christians today look at our current moral, political and environmental conditions and conclude and post on social media that we must be close to our “end hour.” Better yet, I’ve heard many claim this is the “Eleventh Hour.” To this idea, there is a crucial parable that not only addresses this concept of the “Eleventh Hour” but shows what we should be doing because of it. That understanding is both a roadmap to true cultural transformation and also a beacon that reveals just how far away from our responsibilities we are today.

From that lens I will unpack what…

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Amidst the bright lights, vivid sounds, and frenetic energy of Las Vegas, casinos employ over 15,000 psychological and experience-based tactics carefully crafted to separate the unwitting gambler from his or her hard-earned dollars.

I propose that in the last twenty-five years Hollywood has utilized similar tactics to separate the American citizen from his or her rationale, trust, and empathy for the men and women in blue.

Whether it is a deliberate attempt to dismantle law enforcement departments I wouldn’t assert but I believe its impact is now being felt through this new movement to defund the police and these new…

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A lot of attention has been given to the concept of “flow” in the last few years. To me, flow is the euphoric synergy of insight, inspiration, creativity, skill acceleration, and sensory pleasure. Those in flow are able to output, create and broadcast on a whole different level from the average worker, creative or strategist.

For most, flow is an elusive apparition requiring us to work up it power through various and strange strategies. In the book, Stealing the Fire, momentary “flow states” are achieved through numerous external means: psychedelics, immersion chambers, starvation and sweat lodges, electric brain stimulation, and…

When you look at this image, what do YOU focus on?

Throughout our day are mini moments of beauty, wonder, and inspiration. Even more wondrous, I believe that our brains, or the Universe, or Providence produce internal thoughts and ideas that could truly change the world.

We often miss them.

I’d like to share why.

Here’s an ancient proverb that reveals how–

– NO, instead, here’s a modern-day metaphor most of us can relate to and enjoy for hours nightly.

Life Profundity From the Video Game Industry.

When a video game company creates a NEW RACING GAME (Think Grand Turismo, Forza, or Need For Speed) incredible attention goes into the development…

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If you’ve ever been to an intervention for a friend of a family member or have watched a show like Intervention on A&E, then no doubt you’ve heard someone retell the definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over again but expecting a different result.”

But hidden inside this definition of insanity, quoted to help many an addict, lies a profound fallacy: The addicted individual, who once was healthy, was doing the same thing over and over again — but at the first moment of addiction, a different result occurred.

We tend to compartmentalize individuals. An afternoon network television program…

Or, how to take down America in one easy step, and surprise, it’s already happening.

There are countless voices in the media and now your ‘friends’ on Facebook all talking about how America is in decline. Some see it as Donald J Trump’s fault and give their list of examples. Others see it as the rise of the liberal elite in places of moderate (State and City) power only to decry that if the liberal elite have their way and assume full Presidential power this ‘great country of America’ will be lost forever.

Ironically, both sides, while referencing different events…

“We don’t need to find reason, because out the same door that it came, well it’s leaving…”
Jack Johnson, No Other Way

Is science refuting God– or REVEALING Him?

If you are like me, and a Christian, you are looking for ways to objectively strengthen your faith. Would you like to do it in a way that resonates not just with yourself, or those that believe like you, but resonates with culture that often disagrees with you? Would you like to make an tangible impact into changing the world? We can do it in many areas of culture today if we understand the new tools available to…

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“The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak…”
Richard Dawkins

Those are harsh words from the prolific biologist, scholar, and ardent atheist Richard Dawkins. Most Christians, when arguing against men like Dawkins, offer assurance of their beliefs through their text, the Bible, and then validate their statements through other corresponding passages in the scriptures. This allows men like Dawkins to simply cite, ‘that is still your fiction, but this is my reality.’ …

Would you still shake my hand once you found out who I was? Photo by Pixabay on

I often tell people the thing that draws people to me is the very thing that turns them off minutes later. I believe that I’m not alone.

The scenario is usually the same. I start a conversation or relationship with someone and as the conversation progresses eventually it leads to beliefs. I used to be afraid of this situation, because, if I was totally honest, I wasn’t wholly convinced in my faith. I knew I had a “personal relationship” with God, that I didn’t question. …

David W Litwin

Do you feel the pull toward a greater, more wondrous world? I do… and I write about it. Designer, Author & Inspirer.

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