I Used Midjourney’s “Style Tuner” and Created a Children’s Book in 8 Hours

How to professionally Illustrate your story in hours, for less than a few dollars!

David W Litwin
8 min readJan 2, 2024


The book cover and interior pages to a children’s book that has been a dream for almost 25 years!

I wanted to start 2024 by completing something I had put off for over 20 years to share that this year, anything is possible with focus, drive, determination, and AI knowledge.

To show you what I mean, let me tell you a story…

Twenty-plus years ago, when my daughter was about 4–7, we used to end her day by playing a “story game.” The game consisted of her giving me a subject and some action points, and, in the immediate moment, I had to create a story on the spot, usually with some sort of moral conclusion.

She’d drift off to sleep after the story, and I kept my story-development skills sharpened. Sometimes, the stories were silly or went nowhere. After all, I was making them up on the fly, and she was like five, so she wasn’t much of a literary critic.

Other times, the stories were inspired. I would think about them for days. Never was this truer than the story of Felicia Flitterkins, a young angel of 900 years. “Now, that may seem old, but in human years, she was just nine years old…” began that story.