Midjourney and Wirestock THEMES: A Simple Solution for Some Serious Revenue

Simply using VARY (STRONG) in Midjourney can make you a hefty profit

David W Litwin
6 min readFeb 3, 2024


Consistency and Cohesion is far easier than one might think… and it might make you a little coinage too!

Hey Midjourney Artists! Are you looking for serious revenue streams? Midjourney is a lot of fun, but bottom line, it’s even more fun when you add a little coin to your pockets right?

So, when I read an article here about Wirestock, I thought I’d give it a chance. The platform provides AI (and traditional) artists and photographers a way to upload images to a number of different stock photo sites all at once, for a fairly paltry service fee.

The concept is great, but the problem is two fold: 1. It takes far too long to fill out the necessary form fields to load an image. And, 2. Since my first submission, which was some time in October, I’ve made a whopping five bucks!

Neither of those issues left me really gunning for the platform, or any desire to continue to upload past the first 75 images I first loaded (in over five hours!). If something doesn’t garner a 5x ROI, I tend to pass it up.

It was a rather nice surprise to see over $7 added to my account last night. Since the last images garnered .25 each, that’s a sizable return from one sale. So I went online, and discovered that someone had purchased my…