On Medium, I Made $1,400 in Three Months: Now, Here’s What I’m Doing to Get to $10K

Defining the writing and Medium UI tactics that worked, and outlining the newest ones, based on the data and discoveries

David W Litwin
9 min readFeb 20, 2024


image created by author in Midjourney

Last year, I wrote over 70 articles from January to October. I had fun. I enjoyed the writing process. It took a lot of time. I made a whopping $60. In four of those months, I made about seven bucks… total.

In the last three months, over 30 stories, I’ve made over $1,400. Most of the money came from four articles, and only one was boosted. Most of that revenue also came from writing on AI, particularly the AI platform Midjourney. But it all happened in the last three months. In November, I shifted all my tactics so I knew that the results were intentional and didn’t just materialize out of thin air.

January 2024 views and reads stats

My goal is to generate $1,500 per month from writing this year, so I’ve got a ways to go. For both you and myself, I’m detailing the strategies that worked in the last three months and sharing some new tactics I’m employing to get to (at least) $10K. Some of these are tried and true. Some may seem counterintuitive or even create visceral pushback, like telling you when to go to bed.

But I’m confident that, if applied, these strategies will lead you toward more success on this platform.

Write in a NICHE…

Everyone says that you should write in a niche to get known for a particular focus or genre. For me, it has more to do with how the User Interface on Medium works.

Unlike your homepage, the Medium “topic” pages are set up for your success in three ways: the recommended stories section, the who to follow section, and the latest articles section.

We all want to get into the recommended stories section (and my story is at the top of Midjourney for the last few weeks). But, if you can reach the top five “who to follow” lists on the homepage of any topic, you can generate sizable status and revenue. I was number one on Leonardo AI for over a…