The (Immutable) Case for a Creator in the Age of Modern Scientific Technology

How scientific advancement repeatedly proves the reality of God, even as the religious acceptance of God falls further by the wayside

David W Litwin
9 min readFeb 8, 2024


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Recently, NPR released a story that sent shock waves through the religious community while providing a growing multi-million of America’s citizenry more validation for the decaying religious foundation of America.

The article was entitled, “Religious ‘Nones’ Are Now the Largest Single Group in the U.S.”

Pew Research, a well-respected surveying group and self-described, “non-partisan ‘fact tank’”, recently did a large-scale survey of a broad swathe of Americans. They found, for the first time in the survey’s history, that the most-checked box for the question of, “what is your religious affiliation?” was: “none.”

Here’s a quote from the NPR article:

They (religious ‘Nones’) aren’t all anti-religious. Most…