The Ultimate Guide to Style Consistency with Prompt Accuracy in Midjourney

David W Litwin
10 min readFeb 17, 2024

I try FIVE different strategies to determine which options consistently produce the best results to save you TIME and MONEY

images created by the author in Midjourney

We all know that Midjourney is amazing at creating broadly wild art and photographic styles. But, if you want Style Consistency with Prompt Accuracy across a wide range of imagery and compositions, which strategies produce the best results? For the sake having you skip a ton of time in trial and error, I implemented five different strategies in Midjourney to answer that question for all of us — once and for all.

As Midjourney moved from V 5.2 to V 6, and offered new options like “Style Reference,” many of us jumped on the “new” bandwagon and explored this latest solution. But is it that easy and simple? Does new always mean best?

Below, I’ll detail precisely what I did in each strategy, to let you determine which images generated the best results, while still providing my own ratings. Granted, this isn’t a carte-blanche solution. There are a myriad of factors that go into a final image generation out of Midjourney, from prompt structure, to initial composition, to however Midjourney is feeling about rendering that day. But I think I’ve isolated TWO key solutions; one of which is discovered OUTSIDE of Midjourney. I’ll detail that bonus solution at…