With Midjourney and Magnific AI, the Photo-realism Game is Now Fixed in Your Favor

By adding Magnific AI to Midjourney or Leonardo AI, you are now competing with professional photographers… and winning.

David W Litwin
6 min readJan 5, 2024


The “realism” game is now over

Looking at the two images above, can you tell me, with 100% certainty, which image is AI and which is one was shot by a professional photographer? Let’s begin by pulling the shots apart. The shirt in the right image is far less detailed in pattern and texture and it lies way too flat at the waist line. The face looks too polished and there are few shadows in that right image too. For that matter, the coloring is really askew in the image on the right. It just looks a little AI fabricated.

So the correct answer to the AI question is, naturally… The one on the left is AI. Yes, the image on the right was a photo I picked up on Freepik.com (click here to see another photo with this model). You can see how I created this original AI in this article here.

But even that image I enhanced with Image Guidance, found in the article above, still had a hint of AI imagery.

If you look closely on the face, the teeth in the image on the right don’t look quite as natural. The lighting is still just a little flat and the lips lack the same detail. The shirt intricacy has been enhanced in the image on the left as well. These little things make a big difference in our subconscious.

Yes, with Magnific AI, we are getting to the subconscious level.

What is Magnific AI?

I discovered Magnific AI from a story here on Medium, as I have learned many AI strategies through this platform. Magnific AI is referred to as an AI Upscaler. Meaning, that it doesn’t just upscale your image (currently at 2x and a max of 4400x4400px), it…