Writers, Stop Holding Out! Why You Need Midjourney as a Writer

Forget the stock photo sites (even the free ones); A designer shows your need to purchase AI as a writer

David W Litwin
9 min readJan 13, 2024


a glorious sunset scene… that doesn’t exist. image created in Midjourney and expanded in Photoshop with Generative AI

One of the most common questions people ask me about AI and Image Generation is, “Can I make money with this?” The answer contains both a resounding yes and the asking of a pointed question.

What is more valuable to you, time or money?

The short-sided often state “money,” whereas the wise would nearly always consider, “My time is far more valuable than my money.”

In this case, AI will save and make you both. But it’s far more valuable than selling AI art on stock photo sites for paltry peanuts.

You have to look at the big picture.

In this article, I will give a real-world example of how AI saves you both time and makes you loads of money in just one realm: stock photography.

Then, I’ll explain why you, as a writer, should consider ditching stock photography, even on the free sites, for a $10-a-month subscription to Midjourney.

A world of difference

I started getting manic, and I wouldn’t say I liked the feeling. It happened the first month I used Midjourney. In my design agency, I handle about 30–40 projects per month and can maintain that workload during the standard 9–5 daily grind (actually, for me, it’s like 4:30am to 4:00pm, but that’s another story).

As frenetic as one must be to successfully juggle 40 design projects per month, there are daily moments of break. I didn’t realize how necessary those moments were. Those were the times that I was looking for stock images or font selections for any particular project.

I would put my feet up on the desk, turn the tunes up, and drift into search mode, which usually lasted about 10–30 minutes to find the right imagery. Once I found the right images or fonts, I returned to frantic creative mode with enough mental rest to bang the next two/six hours out.

When I started using Midjourney, those breaks disappeared. I moved from project to project so fast that my mind didn’t have time to rest. It changed my…